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Welcome to my world ...

My name is Rich Allcorn, aka Richard A. Allcorn.
I work in integrated technologies, and with LINUX. Additionally, I have expertise in macOS, and with Windows, to include Active Directory, Exchange Server, etc., but I prefer the UNIX world of LINUX..

Having worked with various forms of methods of connectivity, from dial-up to wireless, to packet switching, broadband, and mesh networking, I can say of the mainframes, the mini-computers, and elaborate systems that I have worked with, I much prefer "personal computers", and the way they can be clustered to create a synergy of one functioning unit, sharing loads and resources!. I specialize in shell scripting. I also work with batch files, with imaging and workstation/server replication, creation and implimentation. I deal with the creation, automation, and management of user accounts and information, and I also work with their related data. I have considerable experience in working with virtual environments, cloud environments and hosting, and in making the programming environment efficient and usable for creativity, for communication, for sharing and for making the world a better place, with our tools and resources.


A senior director at Dell Computer Corporation once told me, "Rich, the old phrase 'jack-of-all-trades is a master of none' just doesn't seem to apply with you! I have never seen anyone who can master systems and environments so quickly, having little or no previous knowledge of it, and still do a good job at it!" He went on to tell me that, as great as that sounds, people would always think and judge me as over-qualified, and it would be a hinderance to my career. I aim to prove that wrong, as well.

I love teamwork, communications, organization, documentation, and making things easier ... for all concerned. I will be the first to tell you that I don't have all the answers, but time has proven that if you are interested in learning, and know how to research and discover, you can do anything! So, "yes", I guess I am a 'jack-of-all-trades' at that! But my focus is on finding out what it is that "you" need done, and finding the way to get it done, efficiently, with excellence and with proficiency!

Server/Systems Admin Over 23+ years of working with rack mounted and stand alone servers in small business to corporate working environments; cabling, power, and cooling needs, remote access, disaster recovery, etc. It's amazing what experience you can acquire as a contractor/consultant over the years. Specializing in server build-out, setup and installation, migration to vmware virtual devices, and backup. Extensive Windows experience, with UNIX and LINUX also.

23+ Years with UNIX, and LINUX When UNIX came available for personal computers, as Xenix, I knew this was the OS for me. I've worked with the SCO-XENIX Development system; SCO-UNIX, Solaris, HP-UX, DELL UNIX, TRS-XENIX; and then with Slackware LINUX, SuSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, and LINUX Mint. Worked with serial terminals, dial-in/out, dial-up, hard line, UUCP, RAS and VPN. Familiar with shell scripting, systems creation and management, etc..

Terminals; Modems/Dial-IN/OUT and RAS UNIX is often used to communicate with hardware, in manufacturing, sheet metal machine automation, and device manipulation, etc. Serial communications plays a key part in connecting with devices in the work environment, with printers, label printers, scanners, security systems and devices, controllers, and telephone systems.

Websites; HTML Programming With shell scripting and information queries, web pages can be manipulated easily to provide easily customizable websites and pages with interactivity and resource information provided in a readable form, for those less familiar with command line use. I use this knowledge to interact with command line, providing the user access to resources via web browsers when in a pinch to make the system more accessible in all situations. .

Users Accounts/Data Management User creation, account customization, logging and documentation is key when it comes to management and administration of servers in a large, growing environment. Shell scripts and web page interfaces allow users to quickly and flexibly interact with the most powerful operating system on the market today. Seemless data backup, synchronization and copy services make the working environment more dependable, with security for data and ensuring that data is preserved and maintained.

Chat and User Directories Users need to be able to interact, and chat, during a project and when working together. They also need to share files in a constantly changing environment. With the right tools, LINUX provides that interactivity, chat, and files transfer capability, all the while restricting that access to internal only, if needed.




It all starts with a dream ...

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